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May 30th, 2016

Hi guys

Sorry, that there was no updates the past month. I was on vacation and then some other stuff happened.

Anyway, I am back. Here are some news:

Sisters’ Secret

The game development will be finished very soon. Almost all the artwork is done (just couple images left). Now I just need to put last dialogs and scripts in the game, then it’s time for testing.

Also, now I have help from a native english speaker to proof read all the texts. So, expect proper grammar in the future.

The final version will be released in July.

Illustrations and Patreon

Some time later this week the new painting will be uploaded. And I am going to launch a patreon campaign about BDSM illustrations. Stay tuned

8 responses to “Updates and News”

  1. OshaoXin says:

    Ahh can’t wait, will Sisters’ Secret be free to download or for sale? And can I donate or purchase via PayPal? I’d hate to make accounts here and there just so I can support a project.

  2. morph says:

    If you need tester or help with proofing let me know I would be glad to assist.

  3. morph says:

    If you need help testing or any proofing please let me know and I would be glad to help.

  4. OshaoXin says:

    Thanks for the reply. I hope not on Patreon, one needs to sign up there before they can make donations which is why I never donated.

    Why not sell the game on this site? People purchase the game from this site, they get an e-mail containing their Product ID, they then use this ID to access a hidden page on this site to get the download. Only by using their unique IDs they can get in. IDs could be automatically generated after purchase and sent by automated mail, I bet there’s a system like that in the webmaster tools somewhere.

    Or simply upload the game to ‘mega.nz’ and password protect the download with a download key. This key you can change at any time so after several purchases you change it so people don’t use the same link multiple times for their friend’s PCs. So people essentially buy the ‘current key’ to download the game.

    So people who lost their game because they didn’t make any back-ups and their PC crashed for example will simply have to buy it again.

  5. Lashman says:

    Finished the demo of Sister’s secret, fantastic artwork and great game. One of two parts I had to really think hard what to do

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