“Sisters’ Secret” hotfix 1.0.0a

July 21st, 2016


  • Fixed a rare bug, when the game crashes right after intro video
  • Game now runs in windowed mode by default
  • Fixed a minor graphical issue (under the spoiler)
    The bag with diamonds was visible through the safe door

You can download the new version from the market page:


Older save files are compatible

If you find any other bugs, feel free to send me a letter to: author@cherrysock.com

9 responses to ““Sisters’ Secret” hotfix 1.0.0a”

  1. BLUE_BALLS says:

    You made a spelling mistake near the end of the game. You put buy Elizabeth instead of “BYE”

  2. Jules says:

    What should I do to check Elizabeth’s bag? I have the bag with “weed”, but I can’t put it in.

  3. Uh-non says:

    Jules, have you exhausted/read all possible dialogue regarding drugs with Liz, Di and James. If yes,

    You need an extra key item to frame Liz with the weed. It’s something she broke.

    Extra warning:

    You’ll lose the chance to do something with a piece of paper if you already called your “weed” witness”. So, do something about that before framing James or Liz if you’re aiming for one of the endings.
  4. Cyber says:

    How much endings in the game?

  5. YourDesire says:
    Hello,i’m kinda stuck and exhausted all that i can do i guess. I retrieved diamond from cellar,and found the secret room,now i need to make pancakes for elizabeth to leave the room, the recipe is in magazine and i got sugar,spices,rum,strawberries,but it still says it needs a recipe, Any hint/help?
  6. YourDesire says:

    Nevermind found it,just some clicking needed 😀

  7. BLUE_BALLS says:

    any walkthough?

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