Sex & the Sea ver. 0.1.1 public demo

November 3rd, 2017

Finally everyone can try the game.

Download 0.1.1

This is an alpha version. It contains about a third of the story and 1/12 of the sexual content.

  • Expect some bugs
  • There is no sound. The sound will be added later
  • A lot of interactions are missing
  • Interface is not really polished
  • Most of the text is temporary. There are probably a lot of grammar errors. It will be redone

One response to “Sex & the Sea ver. 0.1.1 public demo”

  1. Blup Blup says:

    I played it and except for the right click on the magic book — that wasn’t clear for me, I tried to give the book to myself for reading which is more inline with what you do with all the objects — I finally solved it :). Thanks!

    I don’t see an option for leaving bug reports. I found two:

    1. After the haircut the area still has a hotspot for Sergil
    2. If you talk again with Bertram the option Lilian freezes the game, you can use Esc to do a save, reload and then click on the arrow left

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