August 4th, 2014

Cherry girl standingHello and welcome to my site dedicated to erotic and BDSM art.

Let me say something about myself. My job and education have nothing to do with visual arts. But I always wanted to be able to draw. So, finally I started to learn and practice. I don’t think that my skills are really good right now, but I achieved something I though was impossible number of years ago. And it’s only the beginning.

My main interest was always to draw people, particularly girls, particularly girls naked, tied up and being fucked. 🙂 So, that is the kind of content you will find on those pages. It is mostly BDSM at the moment. But there will be some vanilla stuff too.

I will start with the comics “Maid in Distress” and a gallery with assorted pictures. And also there is a secret project, that will be revealed soon.

If you have any questions, remarks, suggestions or anything, send me a mail to author@cherrysock.com, or just add a comment here.

Thank you for visiting Cherry Sock

P.S. English is not my native language, so if you noticed any grammar errors anywhere, please let me know

2 responses to “Welcome”

  1. Intruder says:

    I discovered you website just a couple days ago. I love your work and look forward to seeing more. Can’t wait for the “Secret Project”. Congratulations on a great start!!

    • CherrySock says:

      Thank you. And the “secret project” is not secret anymore. It’s the “Sisters’ Secret” game

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