Sex & the Sea prototype 0.0.1

June 9th, 2017

Ok, guys, the prototype is ready.

Keep in mind, nothing is final there. There is no spoilers, since it contains only the game prologue.

Please report any issues in the comment section or directly to my email:

You can download it here:

Just unpack it anywhere on your hard drive and run the “sexandthesea.exe” file

Sex & the Sea update

June 2nd, 2017

Finally I can tell you some news about “Sex and the Sea” (my next game). Sorry, that I was quiet about it for a long time. Most of that time I was working on the plot and puzzles. I took me much more time than I anticipated. And I couldn’t do much else until I finish it.

But now that part is finally done (well almost). So I can start working on the art, texts and the code. Next week I hope to release a prototype. There will be couple of locations, several characters, some puzzles and an intro cut scene.

And for now there are some arts: